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Not All Buildings Are Created Equal:

A "Tactical Sense" Approach to Building Construction (8 Hour)

This is the updated, added to, version of the original “Building Construction and Fire Behavior for the Street Smart Firefighter”.
This 8 hour class is designed to give firefighters and officers the tools they need to recognize all the types of building construction and how fire behavior affects each type. We will take an in-depth look at the dangers of engineered lightweight components and new building materials. Emphasis is also placed on fireground communications and proper size-up of conditions using both audio and video clips. Tactics and strategies are discussed for each of the 5 types of construction with consideration of buildings that are both old and new.
We continue to add to and update, which means no two classes are identical. The class is lively and entertaining so you don’t even know you’re learning! This class is a must have for all levels of the fire service.

Cost of this class is $1200 plus any associated travel expenses